Scott Hung Pham for the District 2 Santa Clara County Supervisor

SOURCE: San Jose Mercury,, Pham, Scott Hung Ứng Viên Gốc Việt Chuẩn Bị Chạy Đua Vào Chính Trường Chavez, Pham enter race to replace Shirakawa Jr. By Tracy Seipel “… and former Alum Rock Union School District trustee Scott Hung Pham on Monday filed nomination papers to compete in the June…

Tri Ta Leads on Mayor of Westminster race

FYI, As of unofficial results of 4:29 PM on November 7, Tri Ta extended his lead over Penny Loomer. CITY OF WESTMINSTER Mayor Complete Precincts: 57 of 57 Under Votes: 1,881 Over Votes: 34 TRI TA 8,605 42.46% PENNY LOOMER 6,085 30.02% AL HAMADE 3,928 19.38% HA MACH 887 4.38 Your Ad Here

How to Help a Voter at a Polling Place in Northern Virginia

FYI, Here is an example of how to help a voter at a polling place in Northern Virginia. This article was written by Dr. Vinh from Connecticut. On Friday October 26, 2012 I took 3 Vietnamese American Seniors (2 women and one man) to do early voting at the Police Station in the Mason district….

Troy Edgar and Travis Allen Invade Little Saigon To Win Vietnamese Voters

FYI, It’s strange that two candidates for 72nd Assembly District seat are not Vietnamese and from Republican party. They are using Vietnamese consultants, interpreters, Vietnamese radio, etc … to win the vote of Vietnamese. Pho is replacing Taco … Vietnamese restaurants are replacing Mexican restaurants in this year election … A little twist to the…

Eden Center is the Hottest Vietnamese Place For Media on 2012 President Election in Northern Virginia

FYI, Japan Television Crew at Eden Center after arriving USA (10/21/12) BTW, Falls Church News-Press captured the moment of 2 Mitt Romney sons (Josh and Ben Romney, sons of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney) at Tet Trung Thu (Moon/Mid-Autumn Festival) on October 6, 2012. On August 8, CBS local Washington DC TV station did…