September 30, 2020

My Blog about voting information for Vietnamese

Need Vietnamese Speakers for Election Officers in Fairfax County of Virginia


Bilingual election officers still needed by Fairfax County for Vietnamese speakers / election officers. Election officers must attend a 2 hour training class, the last class is this Sat 11/2 and work the entire day of election day but get paid $175. To be eligible, you must be 18 years or older and registered to vote in Fairfax County. Please apply online at or contact the Fairfax County Registrar for more information. The problem language-need areas are for Vietnamese-speaking officials. Vietnamese: 4 of 10 precincts have 1 election officer; 2 have only 1 ½ day page Vacancy: 110, No. Springfield ( 4241 voters) Page assigned for PM shift Vacancy: 515, Westlawn (1600 voters) Page assigned for AM shift Vacancy: 519, Hummer (1882 voters) Vacancy: 525, Walnut Hill (3514 voters) Vacancy: 703, Ft. Buffalo (1593 voters) Vacancy: 717, Woodburn (2027 voters)