September 30, 2020

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Lan Diep for San José – City Council District Four 2015


Cash Flows in Crowded District 4 City Council Race By The Fly January 14, 2015

Homeless, economy dominate debate among candidates for county supervisor BY MEGHANN M. CUNIFF Excerpt: Chuyen Van Nguyen, an anchor for VNA-TV, a Vietnamese television station, said homelessness is a chronic problem that needs a long-term approach. “The problem at the Civic Center with the homeless people has been there awhile,” he sai

SOURCE: Candidate’s Statements District 4 Lan Diep Public Interest Attorney My parents came to America as political refugees. They instilled in me their gratitude, an appreciation for self-sufficiency, and desire to repay the cosmic debt that allows us to be here. Just as my parents wanted a better future for me, I want more pathways to success available to future generations. Yet, when I graduated from Independence High School here in District 4, San Jose was safer, the local economy was stronger, and city services were more robust than today. We must reverse this trend. District 4 is vital to San Jose’s future. North San Jose has the most office space in the entire South Bay, which if fully utilized, can generate the revenue to solve San Jose’s financial troubles. The Berryessa BART station will draw workers to the region, but attracting employers requires more housing to entice skilled labor and improving infrastructure so commerce is not captive to clogged roads. We deserve a safe, thriving, and fiscally sustainable city. I’ll work to restore our police force, spend public money wisely, and prioritize smart development; minimizing burdens on residents while supporting projects that improve quality of life. I humbly ask for your vote. Let’s make San Jose a great place to live.