Nữ ứng cử viên đảng Cộng Hoà Ronda Kenedy tuyên bố tranh cử thách thức Julia Brownley trong bầu cử Địa hạt 26 thuộc tiểu bang California cho Quốc hội Hoa Kỳ năm 2020

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Republican Lawyer Ronda Kennedy Challenges Four-Term California Democrat in 2020 Congressional Bid

Ronda Kennedy, a lawyer and the former Republican nominee for CA State Assembly in the 44th district, will challenge Democrat Julia Brownley for California’s 26th District Congressional seat. If elected, Kennedy will be only the second black female Republican to hold a seat in the House of Representatives (after Mia Love).


Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy, the 2018 Republican nominee for California State Assembly in the 44th district and attorney launched her Congressional campaign this month in California’s 26th Congressional District. Kennedy is a resident of Oak Park where she runs a private law firm specializing in immigration, discrimination cases, family law, criminal defense, and personal injury and raises triplets with her husband, Michael. She has over 10 years of legal experience working her way through college as a paralegal before passing the California Bar in 2014. If elected, Kennedy will be only the second black female Republican to hold a seat in the House of Representatives (after Mia Love).

Kennedy was the Republican nominee for State Assembly in the 44th District in 2018 and has become a vocal advocate for unity both inside and outside of party politics. “When our ‘Founding Fathers’ met as the continental congress, to determine the fate of the 13 colonies, they all came from different backgrounds, religions, and political ideologies. Yet in those tense congressional sessions, they put their differences aside, listened to one another, and as a result, declared our independence, creating the foundation to build the nation we have today. This should be the spirit of today’s congress.” Kennedy says. Her previous race for Assembly garnered state-wide attention and endorsements from the entire Republican Assembly coalition as well as her Democratic primary opponent Dr. Robert Zelinsky.

Kennedy, facing off against four-term incumbent Julia Brownley, intends to run a Congressional bid based on common-sense and solution-based policies, not fear-mongering. Her platform will stress the severity of the opioid epidemic, immigration, veterans’ issues, and the economy. For more information and to read her entire platform, please visit RondaKennedy.com.